DCX4 valves for an efficient flow diversion




Partial balancing which limits water hammers

Fixing system which secures the coupling of the actuator with the plug

Version equipped with a monobloc plug with PFA floating seal



NEW DCX4 Valves Catalogue

PFA floatting seal on all DCX4 versions

The floatting assembly of the PFA seal and its
plastomer structure ensure:


  • optimal cleanability
  • no risk of contamination and bacteriological growth
  • no risk of alteration of taste or appearance of the process fluid in contact with the PFA
  • excellent resistance to aggressive chemical products and to high temperature.



Deformable sealing diaphragm in PTFE for aseptic applications



Forming a physical barrier between the inside of the valve and the outside

Surface area of diaphragm equivalent to that of the plug, helping to balance the pressure

The DCX4 diaphragm divert valve is also available with steam or alcohol barrier

Interchangeable internal assembly between the standard version and the one with PTFE diaphragm

Elastomer version for charged or abrasive products (available in EPDM or FKM)